The Ultra Mindset: An Endurance Champion's 8 Core Principles for Success in Business, Sports, and Life

By Travis Macy with John Hanc, Da Capo Press 2015

Travis Macy summited glacial peaks in the French Alps, rapelled into cavernous limestone caves in China, and ran through parched deserts in Utah.  Most famously, he won the Leadman, a high-altitude combination trail running marathon, 50-mile mountain biking race, 100-mile mountain biking race, 10K run, and 100-mile trail run.  Macy accomplished it without exceptional strength, speed, flexibility, high tech performance labs, or performance-enhancing drugs.  His secret?  A precise and particular outlook he calls the “Ultra Mindset,” principles for daily life which are neither mysterious nor the sole province of ascetics or elite athletes: embrace fear, rewrite stories we tell ourselves, and master the art of seeking help, among others.  By applying the Ultra Mindset principles to other areas of life, anyone can find success that otherwise would have been impossible.

The Ultra Mindset is a winner of a Living Now Book Award.



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"They say life is a marathon, but Travis Macy knows better: Life is an 'ultradistance event.' In his wise and engrossing book, Macy shows how the same 'ultra mindset' that enabled him to win some of the world's toughest races can make anyone a winner in everyday life."

--Matt Fitzgerald, Author of 80/20 Running and Racing Weight


 "Trav and I spent days and days together competing in adventure races through some of the most challenging environments on earth.  His positive outlook was always second to none, and it played a big role in top finishes for our team.  The actionable concepts in this book are very relevant to life beyond racing."

--Robyn Benincasa, New York Times Bestselling Author of How Winning Works and World Champion Adventure Racer


“If you seek an improved mindset that will generate wellness and exceptional results in work, family, athletics, and beyond, then this is the book for you. Travis has achieved more in endurance sports over the last decade than many athletes hope to do in a lifetime, and I’ve always known that he had something important to teach us.  Here it is.”

--Marshall Ulrich, extreme adventure athlete, author of Running on Empty