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Email to set up a free introductory phone call.

Questionnaire for new athletes linked here.

Coaching clients can pay here with PayPal or mail checks to:

Macy Consulting, 29542 Spruce Rd., Evergreen, CO, 80439

Premium Training with Macy Endurance Coaching:

  • Workouts delivered in one- to two-week chunks (rather than up to eight weeks at a time as with other coaches) to ensure a best-fit, individualized succession of training and accurate adjustment for work and family schedules.
  • Individualized, professionally-written workouts for primary sport(s) (running, biking, skiing, etc.) plus supplementary strength and mobility work.  Training programs are highly individualized for every athlete we coach; you're not getting a boiler plate workout list here.
  • Mental training support with depth and honest, supportive communication.  
  • Collaboration in goal-setting, feedback, and accountability.
  • Training plan delivered through a professional, comprehensive training calendar system called TrainingPeaks, which includes a phone app and technical tools for data gathering and analysis.  Farewell to spreadsheets and emailed documents!  Integration of Strava and other online platforms as desired.  When you complete a workout, you log notes and/or data (many people use the great TrainingPeaks phone app); we review this information each week.  Need to adjust your training due to travel, work, illness, etc.?  Just let us know and we'll edit as soon as we can. 
  • We see coaching as a collaborative, highly-communicative process.  We're confident in my work, and as such we're always open to feedback and recommendations.  We need to work together to optimize your training, mental preparation, nutrition plan, and gear! 
  • Ongoing nutrition consultation regarding general diet and training/racing fuel and hydration.
  • Detailed gear advice on shoes, clothing, packs/vest, skis, boots, snowshoes, lights, bikes, paddles, boats, and just about everything else you might want to use.
  • Science-based coaching with your fitness level, goals, and best practices in mind.
  • Careful planning around your schedule for for travel, time available, work, family, and competitions on a weekly basis.
  • One-of-a-kind application of the powerful mindset principles from Trav's book, The Ultra Mindset.
  • Our feeling is that we all have better things to do than keeping track of exactly how many emails and texts we send each other.  Similarly, if we told you "just one phone call per month," then you'd be out of luck if you got injured or had a couple of races that month.  So, instead of laboriously tracking our communications and forcing the relationship into a box, we work hard to give you what you need to succeed.  We're happy to use your preferred communication techniques.  For most clients, we usually end up texting and/or emailing a couple of times each week and talking on the phone at mutually-agreeable times (especially leading up to and after races) as needed.
  • Most coaches charge a start-up fee.  We don't.

Team/Group Training: Specialized team instruction for adventure racers, triathletes, runners, cyclists, and anyone else who wants to train with a group.  

Hourly skills instruction and phone consultation available at $115/hr.

Clinics, camps, seminars, and home visits for training groups are held regularly.  Please contact us for details or to host a group keynote at your home or location.

Don't see what you want?  Get in touch and we'll see if we can create the coaching recipe to suit your taste.


"On top of providing me the tools to become the fittest dude I could ever hope to be, Travis has strengthened my mental game immensely. He is the calming voice in my ear that seems to know just what to say, and just when to say it. I am grateful for his professionalism and for his happy demeanor." -- Jack Linehan, podium finish at Ski Mountaineering National Championship


"I have been fortunate enough to have Travis Macy as my dedicated endurance coach. Travis was THE reason I was able to recently complete my first ultra marathon, a 50K, and do so in a fashion well beyond my expectations. I found that Travis' passion for helping people accomplish their goals, and his six rules for fostering drive combined to create an ideal student to coach experience I was not able to find anywhere else. What I truly admire about Travis is he practices what he preaches."

--Charles Martelli, Evergreen, CO


"I'm so excited right now for the race! Even if I didn't even do the race, I'm super psyched because I'm feeling the strongest I've felt in a decade, maybe ever !!! The race is icing on the cake; I never thought I'd feel this strong in my late 30s and I'm looking forward to trying to beat some of my PRs up Green Mtn/Bear Peak/Sanitas in April.Thanks for everything!"

--Charlie Nuttelman, Boulder, CO


"I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for my training plan and let you know how things were going.  I ran my 50k last weekend and despite being sick and home from work most of that week, I still ran well enough to get a 10-minute course PR and a 7-minute 50k PR!  So thank you - I've definitely been enjoying the training plan and feel like it's exactly what I needed. Looking forward to my 50-miler in November!"  

--Christine, Canada

Please read on for a brief Q&A with Charles Martelli, a typical Macy Endurance Coaching athlete.

Tell us about yourself, Charles.  What's your athletic background?  Do you have a job and family?

Athletically, I competed for four years in Division I wrestling at the University of Michigan; therefore, I trained for strength and high aerobic output. Matches were six to eight minutes long and were “all out” the entire time.

I have a full-time job. I am a Sales Director for a social media technology company. I work remotely which is great for flexibility, but I find myself traveling 20-30% of the time. I have a family of five. My wife, Tanya, and I have a four-year-old boy, three-year-old girl, and 1.5-year-old girl. We are fortunate that Tanya is able to stay home to raise our kids. Needless to say, there is never a dull moment in our household.


You sound like a busy guy.  How do you balance ultra running training with work and family?  How has working with Macy Endurance Coaching helped you in this area?

If you want to be successful at anything then you need discipline and focus. When you throw a family with three small children into the mix, you need a very supportive cast. Fortunately, I have all three. When I sign up for an ultra run or set a goal around an ultra run, I let people that are close to me know about it. This holds me accountable. I never like to let people down. I also break down my goal into small chunks along the way to ensure I feel successful and stay motivated during what could be nine months of training before a big event. In order to keep balance with home and work, I schedule shorter runs/work outs between meetings during the week and long-duration runs at 4 or 4:30am on the weekends. This allows me to be home in time to help serve our kids breakfast and to give my wife an opportunity to get her workout in too. 

Working with Macy Enduring Coaching has changed my life. Never in a million years did I think running 100+ miles was possible. In fact, for many years I could not run more than 50 minutes. I had a mental block. Wrestling trained me to go all out for as long as possible and 50 minutes was my wall. Macy Endurance Coaching helped me rethink what was possible and provided me with a toolkit to break my running paradigm. Macy Endurance Coaching helped me go from never running a marathon to  running a 50K and 50M in one year. The next year it was 103 miles. In addition, Macy Endurance Coaching helped me adopt Ultra Mindset principals into my daily home and work life. I embrace The 4:30am Rule religiously when training and very often tell myself new stories (reframe how I am thinking about a situation) in order to get through mentally and/or physically trying times. The best thing about Macy Endurance Coaching, in my opinion, is that Travis lives what he teaches. He leads by example which is the best form of leadership. I look at Travis as not only a coach but a mentor too.


When did you start ultra running, and what races have you done?

I started Ultra running in 2014 at the age of 34. Since then I have run the Steamboat Run Rabbit 50M and 100M (9,000 and 20,000 ft. of climb), The North Face Endurance Challenge 50M (9,000 of climb), two 50Ks, and five 12-hour multi-sport adventure races (one win).


What's your training like?

Travis builds my individualized training plan around what I can handle physically and around my family and work commitments. Typically, I provide Travis with the race I am signed up for, how many hours a week I want to devote to training, and how many days I want to run versus cross train. From there, Travis tailors a plan which I manage via the TrainingPeaks App on my iPhone. Personally, I know that my body is not built to train more than 35-40 miles per week. Also, I only want to train six days a week for a total of 12-15 hours. The amazing thing is that Travis' training methods enable me to run 50-100 mile races with less than 40 miles a week in training. Most people I speak with are running 80-100+ miles per week to accomplish the same goal. With a family and a job who has time for that? Travis focuses on training with specificity, intention, and quality over quantity. I am proof that you can run ultra marathons, support a family, raise great kids, and still have time for a personal life. Travis’ Ultra Mindset principals work…period!


What makes Travis special?

First, Travis truly cares about his clients. Clients are not numbers on a spreadsheet or paychecks but, rather, moms, dads, friends, etc. that Travis wants to see succeed in racing and in life. Second, Travis has a tremendous amount of real-life experience to bring to the table. He is not only one of the best endurance athletes in the world, but he is also balances training with work and a family of four. He knows the struggles his clients might be facing because he very well might be going through them too. Third, his enthusiasm for life is infectious. Travis makes you feel, and he believes that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Lastly, Travis is genuinely curious and is a constant student. Travis is always reading, listening to podcasts, testing new things (on himself such as diet or training plans), networking/conversing with thought leaders, and seeking out ways to get better. Why does this matter? It matters because as a student of Travis’ you know that you are always getting the latest research and approaches to training and balancing life.


Anything else you'd like to share?

Training for an ultra run can seem daunting at times. Simply signing up for an ultra race can be very difficult. Macy Endurance Coaching takes away the guess work and provides a framework for success in racing and in life. If a 34 year old washed up collegiate wrestler with a growing family and a full time career can go from only being able to run 50-minutes to running 100+ in less than 18 months, then anyone can do it. Macy Endurance Coaching is an investment in one’s self. What better investment is there?

Chapter 5 - Technical Session -

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