"Commit 20 minutes per day for two months to generate lasting change." - Trav

Want to dig further into the principles for success from The Ultra Mindset in order to optimize your outlook, mental tools, resilience, and performance for training, racing, work, and family?  Interested in working through professional, results-oriented curriculum while interacting directly with Travis and a community of like-minded peers?

The Ultra Mindset Academy is an eight-week distance learning course developed by Travis Macy, M.Ed., professional endurance athlete, author, speaker, coach, and finisher of over 130 ultra distance events in 17 countries.

The $197 tuition fee for The Ultra Mindset Academy includes:

  • A 30-minute, one-on-one phone call with Travis at the start of your course

  • A 30-minute, one-on-one phone call with Travis at the end of your course

  • Curriculum delivered to your email inbox six days per week throughout the course

  • Relevant assignments to be completed according to your personal schedule: reading plus written reflections, journaling, thinking activities, and videos

  • Weekly training recommendations featuring exercises that hone The Ultra Mindset

  • Exclusive, extensive videos of Travis interviewing world class athletes, mental performance coaches, and nutritionists including Rebecca Rusch, Marshall Ulrich, Jason Schlarb, and more about Ultra Mindset principles

  • Eight Ultra Mindset Challenge activities to test and hone the mindset principles you'll work on

  • "Certified Ultra Mindset Specialist" badge for display on your website and social media upon course completion

Want to go even bigger by adding a weekly one-on-one call with Travis to all of the above? Please click CONTACT TRAVIS at the bottom of the page to inquire.

Key course outcomes:

  • A lasting, resilient, positive mindset that will motivate you for training and get you to the finish line in races
  • Mastery of evidence-based mindset principles that can be applied to life beyond athletics, including work, parenting, and relationships
  • Synergy for success through genuine relationships with like-minded peers and a leading expert on mindset and endurance racing

To work effectively in the course, you'll need a copy of The Ultra Mindset: An Endurance Champion's 8 Core Principles for Success in Business, Sports, and Life (print, audio, or e-book), a positive attitude focused on growth, and a commitment to spend about 20 minutes per day on work that will change your life.

Questions about The Ultra Mindset Academy?  Interested in a tailored, highly-interactive course for your company or group?  for Please click CONTACT TRAVIS at the bottom of this page to send me a note.

To enroll in The Ultra Mindset Academy today and immediately begin receiving curriculum in your inbox, please:

1. Submit the $197 tuition fee by credit card or PayPal here.

2. Complete this form.


“Travis isn’t just a world class athlete, he’s a master educator.  The Ultra Mindset Academy, and its textbook, The Ultra Mindset, are absolute game changers for not only athletes but anyone that’s craving specific how-to guidance to accomplish a challenging objective.  The collaborative nature of The Academy experience helped me make substantial improvements in the way I market my business as well as how I approach my racing and training.   Travis makes his vast network of elite athletes available to his students through video interviews, and it’s an experience I’ve not been able to find elsewhere.  I learned new ways to approach my time management, my business, and my training, and I’m confident these new solutions will serve me well into the future.  Travis Macy and The Ultra Mindset Academy singlehandedly taught me how to 'not-quit.'"                       - Sarah G., entrepreneur, North Carolina

"Travis Macy's The Ultra Mindset Academy was excellent. I am an aging ultrarunner and established surgeon, and the course helped me by reinforcing my mindset on how to be successful in both ultrarunning and life in general. The course provides a recipe to be successful with the challenges that life throws at us." - Jack M., surgeon, Colorado

"The Ultra Mindset Academy was incredibly beneficial for me on so many levels.  As endurance athletes, we spend so much time thinking about the physical components of our training that we often neglect the mental aspects.  But there’s a tremendous amount to gain from applying The Ultra Mindset to ALL aspects of our life.  Travis’ course was comprehensive and impeccably organized, and will continue to help me tackle new challenges to improve my training, work, and family life." Christine S., entrepreneur, Pennsylvania

"This course was incredibly beneficial for me.  It helped me reflect on many things that I have not thought about for years or have never considered.  Through the course, I developed a much greater appreciation for my family, the sports I participate in and my job.  The course was very enjoyable and a great value.  Thanks for your help Trav!" - Jamie K., finance CEO, Colorado

"I have come to believe that although training is important, the mental aspect of distance running is more important to realizing your ultimate potential.  We are capable of so much more if we can harness the power of our mind.  The best part of improving our mindset is it directly improves us as a husband, father, employee, etc.; it translates directly to the rest of our lives " - Tim W., surgeon, Indiana

"Like anything, you get out what you put into it. The Ultra Mindset Academy provides guiding principles that can change the way you react or handle challenges in life, work and sport. If you take the time to embrace your role in the process, it will change and challenge you."                         - Michael W., resort manager, North Carolina