If you’re the kind of endurance athlete I'm looking for, you're already highly invested in your training and racing - or plan to be soon. You're earning sweat equity through your training. You're trading in your work and family time to get to events. You're also spending money on gear, entries, travel, nutrition products, coaching, and more.

These are all good investments that will indeed pay off, but it's likely that you may not be putting your time, energy, and money into the key ingredient that will get you to the finish line: mindset.  

We all know the importance of mindset in going further and faster in endurance racing - and in becoming a better person in life outside of racing - but few athletes take the time to work with an expert teacher, tested curriculum, and supportive community to develop a lasting, positive, resilient mindset for endurance racing and life.

We put in the blood, sweat, and tears in training, but still find ourselves struggling with questions like:

  • How can I balance this training and racing with work and family?
  • I know it's all about perception, but how can I perceive a longer distance if I haven't done it yet?
  • I'm motivated now.  How do I stay motivated when the going gets tough during a race?
  • Who can help me and how can I make the most of synergy?
  • What's "mental training" and how can I use it?
  • Should I use intrinsic or extrinsic motivation?  Or both?  And how?
  • Is it helpful to have a bit of an ego about this racing stuff?  How do I let it go if needed?
  • When should I think about what I'm doing?  How about why I am doing it?
  • I've got a bunch of negative stuff in my head.  How do I deal with that?
  • Is it ever time to quit?
  • How do I tackle the overwhelming enormity of what's ahead of me?
  • How can I keep going if I feel terrible and I still have most of the race to go?
  • How do I deal with apathy, complacency, and negative people?
  • How do I avoid overthinking everything?  How do I just enjoy the now?
  • What can I do to keep things fresh, interesting, and attractive?
  • How do I deal with baggage like preconceived notions about what what I can and can't do?
  • What can be done to deal with injury, illness, schedule changes and other setbacks?
  • I know progress takes time, but I find myself wanting results NOW; how do I maintain patience?
  • Is it good to constantly compare myself to others?
  • How do I deal with doubt?  
  • And how do I get my ass out the door when it's cold?

We'll work together to grapple with these issues and master specific, tangible mindset principles in the first course from The Ultra Mindset Academy, The Ultra Mindset:

The eight-week course is open to a cohort of 12 endurance athletes who are serious about spending their time and money on lasting results for training, racing, and life.

Registration closes at 12 students.

The Ultra Mindset for Endurance Athlete includes:

  • A professional distance learning course created by an experienced teacher holding a Masters degree in Education Curriculum and Instruction
  • Engaging curriculum that leads to mastery of mindset principles through videos, text, images, written activities, discussion boards, email/phone conversations, and more
  • A 15-minute video/phone call with Travis before the course and weekly, one-on-one calls with Travis during the course
  • One personal email exchange per week on topics of your choice, including the course and text, endurance training/racing, business, parenting, and others
  • Live video calls with guest experts on mindset, training, and other relevant topics
  • Personalized feedback and comments on your written reflections
  • Full engagement in group discussions
  • Accountability and real support that keep you going to ensure course completion
  • Membership in an authentic community of like-minded individuals who are striving for similar goals; lasting relationships that engender success

Key course outcomes:

1. A lasting, resilient, positive mindset that will motivate you for training and get you to the finish line in races.

2. Mastery of evidence-based mindset principles that can be applied to life beyond racing, including work, parenting, and relationships.

3. Synergy for success through genuine relationships with like-minded peers and a leading expert on mindset and endurance racing.

You'll also receive a signed copy of The Ultra Mindset: An Endurance Champion's 8 Core Principles for Success in Business, Sports, and Life (Da Capo Press, 2015).


The course registration fee of $1485 is high enough to weed out people who aren't invested in the process. I'm highly invested in changing lives through the class, and I only accept serious students. Applicants do not need to be fast or competitive; they do need to be serious about getting better through optimized mindset.

Consider your yearly costs for endurance racing, and I think you'll see that this investment in your most important tool - mindset - is more than reasonable. The course fee, for example, is probably less than the cost of any of the following:

  • Eight pairs of shoes
  • Entry and hotel for two races race
  • Travel to a destination event
  • Bike maintenance and parts for a year
  • Coaching for six months
  • Fueling and nutrition products for a year

To reserve your spot in the course, submit payment here or mail check to

Macy Consulting, 29542 Spruce Rd., Evergreen, CO, 80439

About The Ultra Mindset Academy

The Ultra Mindset Academy is a professional, inspiring set of courses that teach a resilient, positive mindset for optimal results in business, sports, and life.  World class endurance athlete, author, speaker, coach, and former online high school teacher Travis Macy, M.Ed., uses exclusive videos, text, and activities plus best practices for online teaching and learning to provide an unforgettable experience and lasting results.

Most “online courses” present canned content featuring the expert/teacher through a few videos and a comment here or there. The Ultra Mindset Academy goes further. You'll join a small professional learning community. You'll learn from them and get to know them well quickly. You'll have direct, personal access to Travis through phone and email. You'll invest your time, money, and energy. You'll get results.


Want to know more about The Ultra Mindset Academy?  Shoot me a note below.

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