Showcasing locations from the Sahara Desert to the French Alps and the Colorado Rockies to the Florida Everglades, Travis’ talks use exciting tales and captivating images and video from a decade of professional ultrarunning, mountain biking, and adventure racing to introduce tangible, relevant, and actionable principles for success and wellness in business, family, athletics, and other areas of life.

The Ultra Mindset: An Endurance Champion's Core Principles for Success in Business, Sports, and Life presents an intimate look at the stories and principles from Macy's award-winning book of the same title.

Peak for Your “A” Race: 11 Ingredients for Optimal PERFORMANCE in Any Area of Life shares Travis' secret recipe for hitting the podium time after time.  Winners don't win by accident--learn how to join the club.

Hanging in the Balance: Principles for Dynamic Success from a World-Class Endurance Athlete Who's also a Father and Working Professional shares unique and tested advice for doing many things well--and maintaining a sense of balance throughout.

Family Matters: Travis and Mark Macy on Ultra Endurance Racing and a Lifetime of Fun and Bonding is a one-of-a-kind talk. Travis and his father, Mark, also a legendary endurance athlete, share epic--and hilarious--stories from decades of adventure racing, ultra running, mountain biking, snowshoeing and more, constantly coming back to the theme of outdoor experiences and lifestyle as an avenue for family bonding and solidarity.

Other topics available upon request.

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"Travis Macy was a great addition to the our 2nd annual National Endurance Sports Summit. On our Ultra-running panel, Travis spoke with passion about his experiences. Travis shared how endurance sports has enabled him to be a positive role model for his children, a good husband, and a successful businessman during his presentation. His attendance was a tremendous value and our audience left with inspiration and strategies to live happier, healthier lives.”

-- Eitan Sufian, NESS Coordinator at Princeton University's TEAM U


"Listening to Travis speak to a crowd of anxious, yet eager Leadville ultra-runners was truly inspiring! He opened with an excerpt describing, in detail, his father crossing the finish line at the legendary Leadville 100 Race Across the Sky, years ago! I found myself with goose bumps as I realized Travis signified what Leadville is all about: family. His words gave our audience a few moments to be taken back in time, learn what motivated Travis to train and compete, and be reminded of why they have chosen to dedicate their lives to the ultra-world."

-- Abby Long, Athlete Services & Registration Manager, Leadville 100


"Travis Macy gave an inspirational and motivating speech to our runners. After the event several runners told me that when things got tough on the course they thought of Travis's words to help them push through. Beyond running, the words shared by Travis can have an impact on all areas of life including buisness, family life, and civil service. Travis has a talent for delivering his inspired message."

--David Tarkelson, Race Director, Beaverhead Endurance Run