If you're a hunter who wants to go big with real wilderness adventures that take you places most won't go, you've come to the right place.  Many hunters are severely limited by fitness, particularly when going for big game in the West, Canada, and Alaska.  I provide endurance coaching for hunters to prepare them physically and mentally for the unique challenges of hunting in the mountains.  My program is different because it applies the cutting-edge training and nutrition principles from the world of elite endurance racing that are not typically found in the hunting domain.  This is not a cookie-cutter program; you'll be working with a true fitness and coaching professional to reach YOUR physical and mental goals.

Ongoing monthly coaching for hunters at a distance includes:

  • Personalized workouts (both endurance and strength) delivered in weekly chunks 
  • Close analysis of your training and progress using heart rate, pace, route, and other data
  • Schedule adjustments per your own goals, work, family, and life
  • Biweekly phone calls to discuss progress and answer questions
  • A signed copy of my book, The Ultra Mindset
  • Mental training support with depth and honest, supportive communication
  • Collaboration in goal-setting, feedback, and accountability
  • Training plan delivered through a professional, comprehensive training calendar system called TrainingPeaks, which includes a phone app and technical tools for data gathering and analysis

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I'm proud to support The Yukon Wild, a ground-breaking hunting show that incorporates adventure and fitness!

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